Notes from Snow Summit Product Innovations Keynote

This mornings keynote was full of upcoming and very exciting innovations. The biggest are:

  1. Going cross region and cross cloud.
    1. GCP coming, currently in preview.
    2. Cross region and cross cloud bidirectional replication.
    3. Transparent failover.
    4. Consolidated billing and management of all related accounts.
    5. Load data from Google Cloud Storage as stage, prior to full implementation of Snowflake on GCP (I believe this is already available).
  2. Numercy UI – a significantly better web user interface.
  3. Tasks and job control
    1. Ability to invoke new stored procedures
    2. Guaranteed change data capture on streaming data
  4. Simplified Kafka connection in conjunction with #3.
  5. Materialized views on external files.
  6. Auto Ingest, similar to snowpipes but without the need for Rest call to kick off ingestion.
  7. Geo/spatial and user defined data types.

It was also great watching the presentation on data lakes in Snowflake, almost matching my post The Elephant in the Data Lake and Snowflake!